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The ROGUCCI ( ro–goo–che) Global Summit is being convened to assess:
• the reliability of undersea cable infrastructure at a global level,
• the potential impacts of infrastructure failures–with financial sector focus, and
• proposed recommendations for improved global infrastructure resilience.

This event will convene a unique combination of individuals, including:
• world-class experts of all aspects of undersea cable infrastructure,
• senior financial sector and other stakeholders, and
• seasoned champions of international policy change.

This interactive event will also culminate a year-long study among experts who have been collaborating virtually around the world.

Motivation for Summit
Undersea communications cable infrastructure plays a vital role in the world, connecting the continents and their ~1 billion computer users, sustaining global markets and economies, and supporting countless important purposes including government, education, transportation and research. It can be surmised that undersea cables make the worldwide web - “worldwide.” The dependency on this submerged infrastructure is already at the vast order of terabits (1012) every second, and is increasing at a rapid rate – in some regions doubling every 18 months.

Private sector network operators and industry consortia are responding with often heroic efforts in scientific and engineering advances and in the deployment of much needed systems to meet the world’s insatiable thirst for bandwidth. Even so, some imperative questions remain unanswered at the global level:
• Is investment keeping pace with global demand?
• Is the level of reliability appropriate for the level of dependence?
• Are there avenues of global infrastructure failure that have remained latent until now?
• What can be done by individual stakeholders and by the global community to mitigate the impact of infrastructure failures.

The ROGUCCI Summit endeavors to answer these and related questions.

Recent Events
Simultaneous multiple cable cut outages have become more common while their impacts are becoming less acceptable. In the last 3 years, 4 major undersea infrastructure outages have occurred with wide, multi-region - indeed global - impact.

Research has been underway with undersea cable infrastructure subject matter experts from across the world. In addition to engaging a world-class community in consensus development, other elements of the study are unique. One such aspect is that the reliability evaluation approach used is based on the Eight Ingredient Framework of communications infrastructure that recognizes the finite nature of intrinsic vulnerabilities. This approach has been highly effective in other high consequence industry-government collaborative efforts (e.g., European Commission ARECI Study, U.S. President’s NSTAC NGN Task Force Report). Subject matter experts will cover the essential areas that involve the ingredients of power, environment, hardware, software, payload, networks, policy and humans.


Value in Approach
When combined with analyses of the impact of historical infrastructure failure events, the intrinsic vulnerability analysis will enable the financial sector and other stakeholders to better understand the potential impact that future infrastructure failures can have. The “what-can-happen-that-has-not-happened-yet” insights can enable stakeholders to prepare for the reality and ameliorate the impact of such events.

This Global Summit will feature an integration of individuals experienced in global policy change at senior levels of government. Working together, technical experts, financial sector stakeholders and policy champions can have a substantial affect toward improved reliability of undersea communications cable infrastructure.

Organizations Participating in Study
Over one hundred subject matter experts and stakeholders have participated in the ROGCCI Study to date; a partial list includes the following organizations: Alcatel-Lucent (& Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent), Anacom, Assured Networks, AT&T, Bank of America, BPI TelcoData, Cable & Wireless, Dubai School of Government, ENISA, Google, Intel, Interoute, JPMOrgan Chase, KDDI, LandIT, Level3, MENOG, NTT, OFTA, REACH, Reliance Global Communications, Renesys, Sahara Net, Telcordia Technologies, Telefonica, Telecom Italia Sparkle, TeleGeography, Tyco Telecommunications, U.A.E. Central Bank, U.S. Federal Reserve Board, and others.

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